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The Thirteenth House

House of Serpentarius. Also known as Ophiucus, the thirteenth constellation, has made his celestial entrance into the popular consciousness. Although he was introduced to western astrology decades ago, his recent emergence was mostly due to an internet false flag some months ago. The announcement went viral, claiming a radical change in astrological alignment due to the precessional motion of the earth’s axis. The article also introduced the thirteenth member of the zodiac - Ophiucus, the snake wrestler. The changes they speak of however do not apply to the Tropical House system, the most commonly used system, but to more detailed Sidereal system. In other words: whatever sign you’ve known yourself to be up till now still applies.

The snake wrestler was also associated with Aesciplus, a doctor known for miraculous healing. His staff - which can be recognized from the single brazen serpent wound about it - is still an emblem for ambulance services and other medical facilities. While it has similar associations, it is distinct from the caduceus, which is encircled by two twisting snakes. Aesciplus was struck down by Zeus, for raising the dead. His reappearance In these prophetic times when according to Mayan belief, the sun enters the mouth of the Great Dark Rift - i.e. the serpent in the sky - is anything but coincidental. 

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