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Smooth Criminal

Mobutu Sese Seko  giving them the old razzle dazzle.

House of Libra:  ”Mobutu still managed to cut a dashing if reptilian figure on the international stage. Resplendent in his leopardskin toque, symbol of his authority as a traditional tribal chief, the jovial dictator has had little difficulty charming nearly all U.S. Presidents stretching back to John Kennedy. Political friendships with a long line of leaders in China, Romania, France, North Korea, South Africa and Israel (where he trained as a paratrooper) made him a widely traveled statesman. Some were seduced by Mobutu’s eagerness to serve as a bulwark against Soviet expansion in the heart of Africa, others by Zaire’s natural treasure trove of diamonds, gold, cobalt, copper, and the uranium used in the American nuclear bombs dropped on Japan in World War II.” TIme, 1993.

- spotted by Sagal Abshir

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